The Tier PvP classes of Blade & Soul

Added 1/12/2016

I just purchased a founders pack and I plan on making my character right after my classes today are over. I'm still kinda new when it comes to mmos as I've only reached max in Tera. I played a lot of Tera and mainly focused on PvP. In Tera there is most definitely a tier list on what classes are good and which are Blade And Soul Items. Is there a tier system in BnS as there is in Tera? Another thing is that in Tera I was a gunner/Slater main. What classes are similar to those in BnS?

You make it sound like you expect to have access to the servers today. This is wrong since the next beta will start on the 24th and only then you will be able to create a character.

You can however download the TW client and create your character there if you want to do it today (you can save the preset and use it in the western server).

Other than that, the classes aren't really comparable to Tera. I guess the Warlock would kinda fit the playstyle because it's a more stationary burst class than the others. But in my opinion, you should just pick whatever class looks cool to you.

Echoing what others have said and adding to it: it's a bad idea to decide on a class based on the current "tiers", as once 50 hits (which can't be toooo far behind), every class becomes pretty balanced, with warlock having a general edge. I think BnS is very much so find a class you play well and mesh with and that will undoubtedly be the best class for you; there's no class where a player can play mediocre and succeed against anyone with marginally more ability.

As for comparing against TERA: you really can't. I put a lot of time into TERA when it was released, as well as a year following, and I have yet to find a class that feels like it plays similarly at all, especially to get more BNS Gold. I'd just give up on looking for similarities and instead focus on what archetype you enjoy and go from there. It's also worth downloading the TW BnS and then taking each class you have any interest in playing to at least 10 to get a very basic and general feeling.

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Blade & Soul Gathering Guide

Added 1/11/2016

It takes more than warriors to make the world work. The Earthen Realm is filled with countless merchants, master crafters, and skilled artisans honing their work to perfection. Many have rallied together to form enormous guilds which reach every corner of the Realm, selling their wares and offering their services to the world... for the right price.

Contracts and Reputation

In a modern era of convenience, a warrior is no longer responsible for crafting their own equipment—it’s a practice better left to the professionals! Those looking to make use of the guilds simply need to speak with a Guild Representative, found commonly in major towns, to request a contract with Blade And Soul Gold. It’s possible to establish contracts with a maximum of two Gathering Guilds and two Crafting Guilds at a time. Specific Crafting Guilds use materials collected by specific Gathering Guilds, so it’s important that one does the necessary research to know which connections they want to make. While one can freely end contracts and start new ones at any time, one will lose their established reputation with the guild and need to start from scratch if they want to rejoin later!

Once a contract is established, a warrior can order various goods and services from a guild. After placing an order and paying a nominal fee, one must simply wait a while before the order is fulfilled for them. It’s best to place an order before adventuring, allowing the guilds to work in the meantime. All those wonderful items will be waiting when you return after a long day of righting wrongs and fighting monsters.


In order to make the finest goods, first one must gather the finest materials. Widely dubbed as Gathering Guilds, there are a handful of groups who travel far and wide digging up only the best components upon request. They are the lifeblood of the industry; without them, the Crafting Guilds would be lost. As one works with the Gathering Guilds, they will gain a reputation as being a reliable customer and thus gain access to rare materials over time.

The Gathering Guilds each specialize in sampling specific facets of nature. “The Stonecutters” gather earth and stone, while “The Prospector’s Union” specializes in rare ores and raw gems to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. “The Tree Fellers” and “Herbside Service” are in touch with the forest, gathering fine wood and healthy medicinal plants respectively. Since everyone needs to eat, it’s up to the “Green Thumbs” guild to farm crops, “The Trapper’s Alliance” to hunt choice prey, and the “Fish Network” to haul up the bounties of the sea.

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The legendary skills of Blade & Soul

Added 1/9/2016

I'm not actually asking, I'm answering this question that a lot of players are having.
I'm a semi-veteran BnS player after having played all the classes some to lvl 30 some to lvl 45(on Taiwan/Russia) and having a few hundred games in PvP I'm here to answer your questions.

This game is balanced around level 50 with the legendary skills, without them some classes will be obviously much weaker and some will be still affected but not as much, so here I am telling you which classes are the most affected and which are still strong.

1. Summoner
Obvious answer, summoner simply losses power without the Legendaries but not as much as other classes with Blade & Soul Gold, it is still easy as ever at low rating but without legendaries other characters have a harder time creating burst for the cat or summoner, this helps a lot summoner mains which can win a lot easier and to a higher rating than before.

2. Destroyer
Pretty broken right now and everyone except KFM has trouble against them, at level 45 it's a great class, at level 50 it starts losing power and it's easier to win against.

3. Assassin
Lost a lot of power but it still is extremely strong, good class to main even at level 50.

They are extremely balanced at level 50 but at level 45 it seems that KFM holds an advantage against BD and BM, good classes to play with strengths and weaknesses at lvl 45 but get better at level 50.

5. FM
Still strong but I haven't had any problems against him on any character, at level 50 it's perhaps the best class currently.

This is in my opinion the ranking of all the classes with the current BNS Gold patch, this changes at level 50 where pvp gets much more balanced.
If you disagree with something feel free to correct me.

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