I got rid of all Final Fantasy XIV ARR materials

Added 17/8/2015

I kinda understand why it might be easier to use retainers to extend the inventory, what I don't understand is why they haven't made the 3rd retainer free FFXIV Gil

At this moment I pay for 1 additional retainer, I got rid of all Final Fantasy XIV ARR materials, I store only a few old gears and event stuff that still cannot be stored in armoire and still 2 retainers aren't enough for me for holding pricy materials, furniture, tokens, gear and event stuff.

I support people who don't want to buy 3rd retainer and I think after 2 years of playing, they deserve one.

And I have hard time finding any good reason for this other than cash-grab, even while I think that SE is one of the most not-so-greedy game companies.

This is just not the case though. Most MMOs (even f2p) don't have 5 different types of wings or monster blood or so many other useless items that clutter space, and many of those will also let you break them down/recycle them (along with useless/old gear) into a basic set of crafting materials that don't occupy many slots. There are some that do intentionally flood your inventory a la FFXIV so they can make sales on inventory expansions, but even then, when you buy those expansions it's permanent rather than a subscription thing you can lose access to.

And then, of course, there's the armory system. Don't get me wrong I love it, but when you're trying to maintain gear for 10+ classes, well, yeah.

And I'm tired of all the whining about how this is some ploy to sell more retainers to people.

More inventory space means higher client side memory requirements, something the PS3 doesn't have the budget for. It also actually does require larger database commits as already stated by the developers.

Retainers can only be accessed one at a time and in specific zones for a reason. This drastically reduced the DB commit requirements, makes them more predicable and doesn't have to be dealt with in combat zones.

You simply do not understand client-Buy FFXIV Gil server or database systems if you think expanding all player inventory is trivial and something avoided in favor of selling more retainer space.

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A Final Fantasy XIV response to the fervor over favors/scrips

Added 6/8/2015

I think people are looking at this the wrong way and punishing themselves too much. When you calculate the number of hours it will take to grind, you are only looking at one point in time, which doesn't take FFXIV Gil into account the natural easing of things over time/patches in a constantly evolving game.

"Takes too long to gear all craft/gather classes."
To begin with, yes it is a long grind to acquire items for high-end crafting. Of course they will not always be this hard to obtain; later on when they are no longer the highest tier of endgame, the grind will be substantially reduced and uncapped. For now this is in place to slow your progression, and force you to make choices. You cannot realistically try to max the gear for ALL your classes right now and aren't supposed to. You can still have decent gear for all classes right now, but only the best for one/some in the near-term, while the next person will make different choices and fill a different specialization.

"Nothing worth making anyway."
Item level 180 gear for DoW/M when melded could be seen as good filler gear especially for alt jobs since Esoterics and raid loot are likewise gated on a weekly progression. Following usual trends, the next major patch will introduce higher item level crafted weapons and accessories to compliment the current armors, some of which will be BiS in the case of accessories. Also new glamors and fun stuff will be added, please look forward to it. You can prepare your favorite classes now for new receipes that will be added in patches.

"Favor items take too long to obtain."
Multiple ways to look at this. Don't load up on favors/gathering too much in one week if it's not enjoyable. You can collaborate with friends to pool items together, or rather spend more time earning gil through crafting to buy some of the favor items you need. Looking at the feedback, this system is the hardest one to defend and probably needs adjustments sooner. RNG? Shouldn't need harsh RNG when something is already on reduced supply by weekly gating. They can keep this but fix it up to be less punishing. Once people can reliably yield a fair amount of materials for their time on this, the system will work.

For the takes to long, I actually have 0 problem with it. If they want to make it take a long time to get high end geared, thats totally ok with me. however, gating it so we have to move at a predetermined pace really really sucks. If its going to take an inane amount to time to get everything, why even put a cap on things anyway?

My problem with the 180 DoW/M gear is the following though

1) If you make it, your sacrificing your own crafting progression to do so (because it takes scrip mats to make)
2) it takes ALOT of scrip mats to make. The body pieces are like 6 red scrips (4 mats and a 2 grade 2 dissovants). That's 92 favor items. To farm that many items, you need multiple red gatherer scrips as well. So we're talking 8+ hours of favor gathering plus the time to the time to get the scrips. lets not forget legendary mats and high grade land/sea/leaf aethersands.
2a) have you run around gathering the same 6 nodes in one area for 8+ hours? its mindnumbly boring.
3) If you NQ you end up with garbage. Also you need to meld V's, IV's and IIIs to make it a good buy ffxiv gil piece.
4) You can get law+i180 in a fraction of the time and its more fun. or just get the alex 190. and its not gated. If your looking for a "filler gear", why 20-30 hours and millions of gill for one piece when you can get a full set of i180 in the same time. this and the above reasons more or less negate the whole concept of it being filler gear.

it will likely be months before next patch.

and yeah favor node spawn rates suck. and more then anything, its not remotely fun. it takes something thats relatively relaxing (gathering), and makes it frantic and frustrating.

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Getting LvL 90- 110 gear for my Final Fantasy XIV Bard

Added 2/8/2015

Hello All, didn't know really where to post this Buy FFXIV Gil question, so I took a chance here.

I have a question, kinda of complex: I have a Level 50 Bard w/ item level of 70. Now he has been at this level since the launch of Heavensward. My next dungeon is Snowcloak but of course I cant do it until I'm item level 80. I know I have to go through the dungeons to get higher gear but once I get the gear & do Snowcloak, will the main story offer high level gear 90-110 while doing the main story quests? Especially since items level 100 & 110 gear are no longer for sell @ mor dhona

Reason why I asking, is because I created a new character a dragoon prior to Heavensward. After Heavenward I launch I started using this new character. And I notice after finishing up the 2.0 story line, all the 70-110 gear items were made available when doing the main story quest. Right now my Dragoon is Item Level 108. I'm about 6 quests away from finishing 2.55 story & enter into Heavensward!

I believe all i90 gear is awarded via MSQ, from what I've read on the forums. Someone will likely confirm, but I believe this to now be the case. Snowcloack, Sastash HM and Qarn HM also drop tokens for i90 gear, but since you need i80 gear to even begin those dungeons you have a few paths open to you. One option, if your goal is to get into Snowcloak, is to run Hullbreaker Isle, Tam-Tara HM and Stone Vigil HM, which all award ilevel 80 gear. That would be the slightly tedious way to gear up for Snowcloak. You could also run Labyrinth of the Ancients, if people are still queuing up for that. LotA dropps i80 gear. All that said I would skip all of that and simply buy the new Heavensward i115 crafted gear. If you know someone with Heavensward they can buy the gear very inexpensively from vendors in Foundation. Or you can simply go to the Market Board for crafted i115. The level requirement is 50, so you'll have no trouble wearing it. It will save you time grinding and allow you to complete your MSQ toward getting Final Fantasy XIV Gil into Heavensward.

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