From a thematic standpoint I can easily rationalize FFXIV MCH projectiles

Added 17/9/2015

I actually am inclined to agree with that line of thought.

From a thematic standpoint I can easily rationalize MCH projectiles as blunt damage. Now you may UFFXIV think bullets are obviously piercing weapons, but compared to a sharpened sword or an arrow they are honestly pretty blunt - it's sheer velocity that does the job in real life.

Apart from the musket thing, there's also terminology like Slug Shot - a slug is not something sharp by any definition, it's a solid hunk of metal.

Slug: "an elongated, typically rounded piece of metal", "the reactor uses embedded slugs of uranium", these don't seem particularly sharp to me.

From a gameplay standpoint it also makes the buffs more symmetric as you say, since you now have DRG-BRD and MNK-MCH, instead of DRG being highly optimum and MNK bringing little (?) to the table, who else uses blunt damage anyway?

I think the damage type is not to describe the actual physics of the attack but the type of damage being inflicted. Try thinking about it from the actual type of damage and nature of the wound you receive from it.

Bullets do the majority of their lethal damage by penetrating in to the body to attack something vital (like a lung or your heart). The slug then shatters in to somewhere from a couple to a dozen shards in the body to continue gouging up any surrounding organs and tissues.
It does pierce through armor because it is a blunt object, but the actual damage is caused by the round being stuck in your body turning your insides in to sausage.
When someone dies, it's usually because the bullet pierced the something like the stomach so the acid and metal shards are eating out your insides while they rush you to the emergency room; not because the bullet smashed the kneecap (blunt) or grazed an arm (slash).
By the way, this is the same thing that happens with arrows. Hunters don't have to poison them, they just pierce the body at a good point and track the beast for 10 minutes for the blood loss and gouging to do its work.

That's why it's piercing damage and not blunt. A fist or a hammer does not break apart to get stuck in your body to do the same sort of damage a bullet or arrow would buy ffxiv gil.

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Get really defensive these days when FFXIV SMN is recommended as an "easy" class

Added 14/9/2015

I usually encourage players asking this to choose simply whichever appeals to them most. Honestly, most jobs are a bit tricky since Heavensward to be absolutely optimal at. As long as you stick at it while leveling and make sure you fully understand what each new skill does as you go - all of them *should* come together by the end.

As an aside though...people get really defensive these days when UFFXIV SMN is recommended as an "easy" class, but come on. Even if you don't play optimally it's not hard to get "sufficient" numbers out of. Throw dots up, use aetherflow stuff, dreadwyrm, boom. I don't encourage lazy play, and FFXIV SMN is certainly no easy task to optimise, but no job is - and along with the other jobs suggested it's rather forgiving. Learning pet management - which ultimately really isn't that hard when you realise you don't even need to manually map half of the moves, maybe even a quarter - can come with time as you go.

If movement outside of dodging aoes are your concern then I'd say pick any of the ranged (caster) dps

Bard is probably the easiest in that regard, but by lv 52 you'll end up getting Wanderers Minuet which means you'll have a 1.5 casting time for each of your attack; same thing for Machinists, but at least if you have procs up you can attack while moving.

DRG, FFXIV Gil MNK, and NIN all have to avoid the aoes/cleaves + worry about positioning for max dps. Though if I have to choose I'd say NIN is the easiest of the close-ranged dps

Honestly, in 3.0 most jobs have become a lot harder

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FFXIV Question about the extended crossbar option

Added 21/8/2015

A couple of things that could help dodge things better FFXIV Gil.

1)Change sprint to empty a reserve you don't need based off the class you play, so you can use it in battle.

2)Add a dodge roll mechanic set to the A button being held down, the direction you flick the left analog determines the direction you roll. Tapping the left analog twice in a direction while the A button is held down will have you dash jump in the direction pressed on the analog.

Ahhh I find it funny that I made a post like this in the user interface forum basically asking the same thing. But I highly doubt they would switch L1 to like a backwards switch through the hotbars. Found my thread!
Hotbar L2+R2 question and hotbar sugesstion. (On PS4)

But basically I ended up doing what the others are saying and using the expanded hotbar designed to be different on each class so that my pet actions don't appear for my blm, etc. It's pretty nifty. However, my scholar looks exactly like the picture you shared. And I use the extra horizontal hotbar for my pet hotbar. However I'm sure there is a way to go about using it for other actions and then using keybinding to it if you want. I would love to post pictures but I at the moment cannot. I did manage to find this thread that should help though. Using both Keyboard and Gamepad at the Same Time After adding the hotbar, all you need to do is then go into the HUD layout and place it where you want, and if you wanna use the keyboard for those actions, you gotta assign keybindings to the actions in the keybind option.

FFXIV Question about the extended crossbar option:

It's there to make it easier to access more buttons but... the bar you are actually activating with the extension still is there when you toggle, or is it something I'm overlooking?

Example, I play with 2 crossbars normally, I can fit everything (blm&whm 60) in two bars nicely. But thinking about sch or smn, I FFXIV WILL need a third bar, and I tried this "extended crossbar" option. I thought it was neat, I can toggle from Xbar 1 to 2, and then press the extended combo to get another micro Xbar which is hosted in Xbar 8, but wait, I toggle back buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil and forth and Xbar 8 also toggles. I thought that bar would be hidden for toggles if you have it on extended? What am I doing wrong? I really get mixed up in duties with 3 bars :/

Bloodrayne, exactly your point hehe

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