Blade & Soul: My Personal Suggestions

Added 14/1/2016

The problem: You can not share quests with party members.
I love how they managed questing in a party. Generally speaking, 98% of all quest objectives that are able to be collected or activated, are instantly shared with party members. A big problem with WoW for example, for a long ass time, was that you had to do tedious quests like collecting X Wolf Pelts from Wolves that not only had terrible spawn rates but also horrendous drops...and you did that twice...or thrice, you name it.

Blade & Soul found a perfect solution for that and imo it's the best one that I've ever come across, gj!

So, seeing the points above and AGAIN...NCSoft went the extra mile with the questerinos but on the other hand did not implement the option to share quests with your beloved party members...WHY?

Translation / Skills
Skills are worded poorly (Reduces damge of first attack by 25%)*
I think the general skilltree is amazing and love how skill work and look. The 4 squares with Range, Area, Cast, Cooldown are AMAZING and give you a fast overview what your skill currently does or will do when you spec points into Ability X.
Just yesterday, a friend of mine asked me about the wording of a skill on his LBM (i refuse to use Blade Dancer since it's so accepted by the community already to use LBM). He read the skill description again and the first impression is that you are getting punished for putting another point into that ability, and maybe you need Blade & Soul Power leveling. because you apparently do 25% reduced damage on your next attack?

Path of Exile / Grinding Gear Games has a very strict and clear policy in regards of how functions or general descriptions are worded. VERY. VERY. specific.
My one question I have for the Dev's here in the "West" : How much are you in charge of any of those changes? oh and... noticemesenpai

Post your input and comments down below. Think about what you're about to post, think again and then press "submit" :)

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I think Albion Online is worth buying

Added 1/1/2016

I've been playing MMO's for close to two decades, never played UO nor Runescape, I have generally been pushed towards 3D Enviroments with story lines, Everquest, WOW, Archeage etc.

As I no longer played any of those I was on the look out for something to replace, I had access to a friends founders account so I thought I would give it a shot, from what I read, I thought it may be interesting.

I played for a total of about 20 hours, before I gave up. To be honest I play games for escapism and fun. I was struggling really hard to enjoy it towards the end of my short stint.

Couple of things that really bothered me, there is no real way to play this game solo beyond tier 3, no matter how you need Albion Online Silver, at a certain point this game becomes 100% social reliance on others. You simple cannot craft anything beyond a couple of things at that point, unless you are willing to stay in 30% of the map and play a lot of time.

I went down a path of crafting, did everything I thought I was required to do to get to the next stage, and then the game told me I had obtain a crap ton of fame from another area across the other side of the crafting map to progress.

Fun for me is not running to nodes, running back to the bank, running to nodes, running back to the bank, running to nodes...

To me, if your only enticement to the consumer to keep playing is to make progression just a stopid and time consuming grind to the extent it would literally take a year or two to achieve one of many branches of the crafting tree (take note you will need many branches or access to someone who has different branches to get far in this game) to get to what some would term an end game enviroment ?

There is really no skill beyond upping materials and fame, it is heavily based towards gear and who has a better geared group of people. And once people work out the best combinations of armor and spells attributes this game is destined to be very cookie cutter people.

Anyway, personally, this is not for me, these thoughts above are my own and I dont have any ill feelings for the game or the Cheap Albion Online Gold, it looks good, and shows promise if your into that sort of thing, but this at the end of the day is not fun.

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Albion Online: Safe Zones & PvP Zones

Added 30/12/2015

In this post, we want to share our views on the relationship between safe zones and PvP zones. It is particularly addressed at those of you who think that by making certain aspects of the game safer, we are somehow harming the PvP experience. The opposite is true.

How to create active PvP Zones

One of the core design goals for Albion Online Gold is to provide exciting, full loot PvP and GvG on a constant basis. This will largely happen in the unrestricted red zones of the game.

If you are a hardcore PvP player, you will want those zones to be populated and active - not just at launch, but also years later.

As it stands, there have been many hardcore full loot PvP games that never really got their feet of the ground or stagnate at a very low player population. (such as Mortal Online or Darkfall). Yet, on the other hand, you have a game such as Eve Online that has tens of thousands of active players at any point in time.

So why is that?

Safe zones and PvP zones are synergistic and not contradictory

In order for a full loot PvP game with a player driven economy to work in the long term, you need a large underlying foundation of players that take part in the player driven economy and that provide a constant flow of new players wanting to try PvP.

That underlying foundations of players needs to be able to properly play the game without being forced into PvP and without getting totally bored if they don't. If you try and force players into PvP, they will just quit the game. If however, you provide them with a great experience, allowing them to gradually learn and the game a progress, chance are that a large proportion of them will move to PvP permanently or at least occassionally give it a try. This is exactly why Eve Online is still thriving after 10 years and Mortal Online suffer from extremely low player populations.

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