The legendary skills of Blade & Soul


I'm not actually asking, I'm answering this question that a lot of players are having.
I'm a semi-veteran BnS player after having played all the classes some to lvl 30 some to lvl 45(on Taiwan/Russia) and having a few hundred games in PvP I'm here to answer your questions.

This game is balanced around level 50 with the legendary skills, without them some classes will be obviously much weaker and some will be still affected but not as much, so here I am telling you which classes are the most affected and which are still strong.

1. Summoner
Obvious answer, summoner simply losses power without the Legendaries but not as much as other classes with Blade & Soul Gold, it is still easy as ever at low rating but without legendaries other characters have a harder time creating burst for the cat or summoner, this helps a lot summoner mains which can win a lot easier and to a higher rating than before.

2. Destroyer
Pretty broken right now and everyone except KFM has trouble against them, at level 45 it's a great class, at level 50 it starts losing power and it's easier to win against.

3. Assassin
Lost a lot of power but it still is extremely strong, good class to main even at level 50.

They are extremely balanced at level 50 but at level 45 it seems that KFM holds an advantage against BD and BM, good classes to play with strengths and weaknesses at lvl 45 but get better at level 50.

5. FM
Still strong but I haven't had any problems against him on any character, at level 50 it's perhaps the best class currently.

This is in my opinion the ranking of all the classes with the current BNS Gold patch, this changes at level 50 where pvp gets much more balanced.
If you disagree with something feel free to correct me.

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