Albion Online PvP: Some Funny Things


Increase the importance of owning specific land, making it more valuable.
Coupled with the above spell and counter play of scouting make scouts even more important

Offer Guilds and groups various modes of transportation and routes, and information on tunnel systems even potentially becoming guild guarded secrets on best routes to and from areas.

Allows people to outflank their enemies when, not only defending territory, but also attacking territory, offering another dimension to large scale PvP tactics. In terms of troop movement.

Bbreak up a few zergs, without the minimap and with various routes, more people will need to cover different exits and locations. Meaning sure you can run around with a single zerg slaughtering all you need is huge number of Albion Online Gold, but it’s going to be much easier for small groups to slip through the cracks. Or you can split up into smaller groups and cover those cracks, offering smaller scale engagements, with the ability to call backup across the zone.

But, far more importantly, this will benefit those who know an area. This will give groups local knowledge and be a boon when it comes to getting the most out of a region, making invaders really have to scout out ahead of time to know what is potentially there to invade and take, but also giving defenders advantage on their own lands. Bringing Skill and knowledge to the forefront of guild conflicts and territory control.

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