I can understand that some players wanted it to be more runescape gold


I completely agree. I can understand that some players wanted it to be more gold. However, I can't really find ANY threads about this, at all.

Where are the complaints, where are the threads about players asking for a change!? I don't understand this very well. I even bought prismatic color slots to match recolourable rs 2007 items to my set (Brass color). Now, NOTHING fits anymore. It's completely gone.

Why not offer us an option to change to the new look in situation like these when you KNOW it's annoying at least a considerable portion of the playerbase, when you KNOW that there are a lot of players who care about their outfits, when you KNOW that people PAY the money for getting their stuff the way they want. Instead, you completely change the color in a considerable way so that everything is out of harmony.

I plead you to change it back, or at least offer us a way to get the old look back. If it has to be a promo, then so it'll be it. A promo more or less, it doesn't really seem to matter at this point, but I find it pretty unfair to simply wipe more than half of the players (who probably keepsaked this set) with this set to a new color that is, indeed, PLASTIC yellow.

My macaroni and pee armadyl is really gross. I wish they would have asked us or even told us they were going to do this. It's so dumb looking and it doesn't look rs gold at all.

I'd go so far as to say the ugly barrows would be better with the old color, but I would never ask for it to be changed because that was how it was released.

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