Get really defensive these days when FFXIV SMN is recommended as an "easy" class


I usually encourage players asking this to choose simply whichever appeals to them most. Honestly, most jobs are a bit tricky since Heavensward to be absolutely optimal at. As long as you stick at it while leveling and make sure you fully understand what each new skill does as you go - all of them *should* come together by the end.

As an aside though...people get really defensive these days when UFFXIV SMN is recommended as an "easy" class, but come on. Even if you don't play optimally it's not hard to get "sufficient" numbers out of. Throw dots up, use aetherflow stuff, dreadwyrm, boom. I don't encourage lazy play, and FFXIV SMN is certainly no easy task to optimise, but no job is - and along with the other jobs suggested it's rather forgiving. Learning pet management - which ultimately really isn't that hard when you realise you don't even need to manually map half of the moves, maybe even a quarter - can come with time as you go.

If movement outside of dodging aoes are your concern then I'd say pick any of the ranged (caster) dps

Bard is probably the easiest in that regard, but by lv 52 you'll end up getting Wanderers Minuet which means you'll have a 1.5 casting time for each of your attack; same thing for Machinists, but at least if you have procs up you can attack while moving.

DRG, FFXIV Gil MNK, and NIN all have to avoid the aoes/cleaves + worry about positioning for max dps. Though if I have to choose I'd say NIN is the easiest of the close-ranged dps

Honestly, in 3.0 most jobs have become a lot harder

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