FFXIV Question about the extended crossbar option


A couple of things that could help dodge things better FFXIV Gil.

1)Change sprint to empty a reserve you don't need based off the class you play, so you can use it in battle.

2)Add a dodge roll mechanic set to the A button being held down, the direction you flick the left analog determines the direction you roll. Tapping the left analog twice in a direction while the A button is held down will have you dash jump in the direction pressed on the analog.

Ahhh I find it funny that I made a post like this in the user interface forum basically asking the same thing. But I highly doubt they would switch L1 to like a backwards switch through the hotbars. Found my thread!
Hotbar L2+R2 question and hotbar sugesstion. (On PS4)

But basically I ended up doing what the others are saying and using the expanded hotbar designed to be different on each class so that my pet actions don't appear for my blm, etc. It's pretty nifty. However, my scholar looks exactly like the picture you shared. And I use the extra horizontal hotbar for my pet hotbar. However I'm sure there is a way to go about using it for other actions and then using keybinding to it if you want. I would love to post pictures but I at the moment cannot. I did manage to find this thread that should help though. Using both Keyboard and Gamepad at the Same Time After adding the hotbar, all you need to do is then go into the HUD layout and place it where you want, and if you wanna use the keyboard for those actions, you gotta assign keybindings to the actions in the keybind option.

FFXIV Question about the extended crossbar option:

It's there to make it easier to access more buttons but... the bar you are actually activating with the extension still is there when you toggle, or is it something I'm overlooking?

Example, I play with 2 crossbars normally, I can fit everything (blm&whm 60) in two bars nicely. But thinking about sch or smn, I FFXIV WILL need a third bar, and I tried this "extended crossbar" option. I thought it was neat, I can toggle from Xbar 1 to 2, and then press the extended combo to get another micro Xbar which is hosted in Xbar 8, but wait, I toggle back buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil and forth and Xbar 8 also toggles. I thought that bar would be hidden for toggles if you have it on extended? What am I doing wrong? I really get mixed up in duties with 3 bars :/

Bloodrayne, exactly your point hehe

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