I got rid of all Final Fantasy XIV ARR materials


I kinda understand why it might be easier to use retainers to extend the inventory, what I don't understand is why they haven't made the 3rd retainer free FFXIV Gil

At this moment I pay for 1 additional retainer, I got rid of all Final Fantasy XIV ARR materials, I store only a few old gears and event stuff that still cannot be stored in armoire and still 2 retainers aren't enough for me for holding pricy materials, furniture, tokens, gear and event stuff.

I support people who don't want to buy 3rd retainer and I think after 2 years of playing, they deserve one.

And I have hard time finding any good reason for this other than cash-grab, even while I think that SE is one of the most not-so-greedy game companies.

This is just not the case though. Most MMOs (even f2p) don't have 5 different types of wings or monster blood or so many other useless items that clutter space, and many of those will also let you break them down/recycle them (along with useless/old gear) into a basic set of crafting materials that don't occupy many slots. There are some that do intentionally flood your inventory a la FFXIV so they can make sales on inventory expansions, but even then, when you buy those expansions it's permanent rather than a subscription thing you can lose access to.

And then, of course, there's the armory system. Don't get me wrong I love it, but when you're trying to maintain gear for 10+ classes, well, yeah.

And I'm tired of all the whining about how this is some ploy to sell more retainers to people.

More inventory space means higher client side memory requirements, something the PS3 doesn't have the budget for. It also actually does require larger database commits as already stated by the developers.

Retainers can only be accessed one at a time and in specific zones for a reason. This drastically reduced the DB commit requirements, makes them more predicable and doesn't have to be dealt with in combat zones.

You simply do not understand client-Buy FFXIV Gil server or database systems if you think expanding all player inventory is trivial and something avoided in favor of selling more retainer space.

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