Final Fantasy XIV Brayflox Alltalks, Quickthinks Allthoughts, Cheese, and Alexander


You know, we don't really know much about FFXIV Gil the naming conventions of goblins, do we? We have the basics: names ending in -ix signifies a male goblin, a name ending in -ox is a female goblin. But what do we know about their last names?

Taking a look at Mutamix Bubblypots, what do we know about him immediately from his name? Well, he's a male goblin, if we can infer that goblin last names deal with their professions, then Muta mixs bubbly pots...of materia, or something.

Likewise, Stikflix Grumblytoss, the boss of a level 25 Guildhest, throws bombs at you during his boss encounter. Based on his last name, Stik flix and tosses bombs at you with a very grumbly demeanor...or something along those lines.

So where does that leave us with Brayflox Alltalks and Quickthinx Allthoughts? Lets get back to the first significant mention of the Illumenati: Brayflox's Longstop (Hard). The Illuminati have assaulted the Longstop in an effect to recover a cheese recipe that the Illuminati have been working on for centuries. Brayflox has stolen this cheese recipe, but for what reason?

The next mention of Brayflox and her battle with the Illuminati is during a Main Scenario Quest in the Dravanian Hinterlands, where Brayflox is attacked by the forces of the Illuminati - they clearly are not on good terms. You rescue Brayflox from the depths of danger once again (with the aid of Y'sthola), and all seems well.

That is, until Brayflox is seen entering Gordias shortly before you enter The Arm of the Father. Why, you may wonder? I believe Brayflox Alltalks is the daughter of Quickthinx Allthoughts, and this long-standing battle of Brayflox against the Illuminati is a daughter rebelling against her father.

The Illuminati have a simple goal: They want to control all the information in the world. Final Fantasy XIV Quickthinx wants to have All the thoughts. No tome, no machine, nothing should be beyond the reach of the greatest goblin scholars in the world. Brayflox, however, believes knowledge should be shared. Why did she steal the cheese recipe? I don't recall, but I believe it's because she wants to share the cheese, the product of the knowledge of the cheese recipe, with everyone. This leads me to believe that Brayflox enters Gordias not as a spy reporting to the Illuminati, but as a goblin who wants to bring down her father and has personal beef with him.

hmm, to me with the information on the Illuminati we have revealing they want to not only gather all the world's knowledge, but also keep it for themselves and themselves alone.

Thus Quickthinx Allthoughts name. He thinks on his feet as leader of the illuminati and may be the soul keeper of their knowledge.

And while I'm not sold on the Final Fantasy XIV Daughter Idea, Bryflox having the name "Alltalks" says to me that she has more than once taken knowledge the illuminati are keeping and shared it with out their consent. Thus "Alltalks" meaning "one who talks too much" rather than "one who is all talk".

As for Mutamix, he seems to have a Nicholas Flamel vibe going on since he not only is the one that teaches how to make and meld Materia, he also is implied to have invented both methods. Possibly not even sharing this with the illuminati since he's clearly not with them (He's specifically called Final Fantasy XIV Ex-Illuminati iirc) but at the same time they aren't hunting him. Suggesting to me they think he's no longer alive.

(Nicholas Flamel's Philosopher's Stone was also called Cheap FFXIV Gil "The Prima Materia" in some weightings as well.)


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